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Psychological Assessments: We do thorough psychological assessment of the students. To get the better picture of the students’ psychological makeup we do not rely on one single test but we do variety of tests and based on the correlation among these tests we reach at the conclusion. By our psychological assessment we gave students a better picture of themselves so that they can make right decisions in their life and enable them to decide most suitable career for them. We do not do only psychometric tests which can be quite misleading but we do thorough psychological assessments. A student can come to our centre to avail this facility. Their experience will be quite enlightening and enriching for them.

Career Counseling: Purpose of education is not only to make us a good human being but also to help us provide meaningful means of livelihood. or that we will provide students career counseling so that students can choose most suitable career as per their potential and choice. As child grows he develops in a unique way so he needs constant guidance specific for his developmental needs. Through our knowledge of educational psychologists we will be able to meet constantly changing needs of the child so that he is able to choose a career which gives him the opportunity for his fullest development. We use psychological assessment tools to help students choose their careers.

Student Counseling: We not only help student choose their career but also help them in achieving their desired career goals. We have dedicated team of professionals who will help students to reach their desired career goals. Our professional team is quite expert and in fact best in the country to guide students to meet their desired career goals. You can feel the transformation in your life starting from the day you visit our centre.

Our guidance and counselling package for students includes :
  • Self awareness package
  • Group Counselling sessions
  • Personality development and guidance
  • Motivational modules to tackle the problems of underachievement
  • Tackling specific problems of the students (study habits, personality, adolescent problems etc.)
  • Career talks on important careers
  • Career planning exercises

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