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Phenomenal development in the healthcare industry today has necessitated the need of efficiency to better impart the services to the patients. Its dependence on IT infrastructure is aimed to deliver better services to an increasingly product conscious consumer. The problems faced are enormous, from regulatory compliances to state and federal mandates, and the need to offer customized services. Besides, accuracy is a pre-requisite and any minor error can lead to severe consequences leading to negative brand value as well as legal complicacies. The need of the hour is to access a sophisticated and efficient system to address these challenges across all sectors in this industry. We offer world class solutions and services to enable you to deliver customer satisfaction while enhancing profitability. Our array of services customized across the payer, PBM and provider sectors ensure enhanced brand value and efficient functioning. We also provide seamlessly integrated solutions across the industry. Our products are backed by our commitment and extensive experience in the healthcare industry across the years.

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  • Complete IT Solution:
  • Online Scheduling: We provide modules to schedule the appointment of the patient online. In the age of information revolution there is no need to go to hospital twice, first time for your appointment and second time for your check up. Through our services patient can fix their appointments online. They will get reminder mail and SMS too to visit their doctor at the desired time.
  • Online Doctor Consulting: We also provide facility of online doctor consultancy. Patient can meet their desired doctor online can get their prescription with a nominal fee. This facility is for those cases where there is no need for the patient to get their check up done. This is especially applicable in minor diseases.
  • Healthcare Forums: We provide discussion forums to clear any misconception and to allow democratic discussion among the members. Our discussion forums are moderated by experts to understand your day to day requirement of medical counseling.
  • Consultancy: We also provide consultancy to the hospitals and various healthcare institutes so that they can reduce their inaccuracy in decision making. We use psychological principles like signal detection theory to help doctors to optimize their decisions so that they can make best decisions. It is not necessary that the errors are due to machines, there are various other factors which may cause a doctor to make wrong decisions. We help them; train them so that they can minimize the chances of litigations due to errors in diagnosing the disease at their end.

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