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Chief Executive Officer:
Mr. Umesh Kumar: Mr. Umesh is co-founder and CEO of the organization. He has done his B.Tech. from IIT Kharagpur in the year 2000. He started his career in the Escorts Ltd., Faridabad as an Assistant Manager. He worked there for three years after that he started he started his own entrepreneurial venture and is Managing Director of the firm. Mr. Umesh has diverse experience and expertise; he is expert in Physics and Psychology too. He has got this rare combination of expertise and knowledge. He has also mentored many young brains to reach their goals using the principles of Psychology. He has applied various psychological principles to improve learning processes of the students individually as well as in the group. He has brilliantly applied the meta-cognitive processes, concept of ZPD (Zone of Proximal distance) and social facilitation/inhibition processes to improve the performance of the students. He is also expert in applying psychological principles to improve group phenomena and reducing the losses in the output of the group due to various psychological reasons such as social loafing, group polarization etc. He has a dream of transforming the learning experience of the students in India. With his dream of improving the efficiency of teaching/learning processes Mr Umesh has planned to make India a true knowledge economy. His dream will open new employment opportunities for the qualified youths of India.

Head Marketing & Sales, Central & South India:
Mrs. Vandhana Devi S.D. : Mrs. Vandhana Devi S.D has done her graduation in Computers along with GNIIT course in 2003 before changing her stream to Management. Her proficiency in computers lead her to complete a project - ‘Generation of Salary Slip’. After two years of job in computer programming she decided to change her stream and achieved State 13th rank in the entrance exam to MBA. She has passed her MBA in 2008 with distinction and stood 3rd in her class. She has done her specializations in ‘Human Resourse Management’ and ‘International Business’.

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