Why Business Intelligence?

Businesses spend millions of IT dollars to maintain the data in its core ERP systems; however CIOs have done very little to provide the key business users with the information that is timely, actionable and relevant to their roles.

When business moves at the speed of light, it is the agile and nimble who win the game. Business agility is largely driven by how quickly and accurately key people in an organization can access vital business information. Hence the way an organization maintains and delivers information determines its ability to compete in the market place.

The non-availability of the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time is the most important barrier to critical business decisions. This is the key enterprise challenge that any CIO is confronted with today.

Hence an organization needs to have an Enterprise-wide strategy with a long term vision for meeting its information reporting and portal initiatives. While the organization may have various pressing short-term reporting needs, it is vital to ensure that these adhoc requirements fall in to the larger enterprise vision and support an architecture that is scalable and future-oriented. Else the number of information islands will only increase, worsening the problem going forward.

Our services, depicted below, follow a global delivery model and are characterized by deep domain knowledge, leading-edge technology expertise, proven implementation methodology and effective knowledge transfer.

A strategic approach can ensure that –
  • Current investments are leveraged by compliance to an overall architecture
  • Short term goals are met in a timely manner to provide a quick win too
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