Business Intelligence

Your company's data is one of its most valuable assets. Critical decisions about your company's future, strategy, and success are made based on the data stored in your information systems. Capturing the full benefit of technology investments you have made is a key challenge - selecting and implementing a solution is only half the job. The real value is derived from making the data work to deliver business intelligence.

Urvar Technology understands the critical nature of your data. That is why our approach keeps the focus on the crucial factors that will impact your data warehouse and data mart projects. Our proprietary methodology was developed specifically for data warehousing, not adapted from another, to fit the unique dimensions of data warehousing.

Urvar Technology provides quality services for nearly every industry across the full BI systems lifecycle by leveraging the cost effectiveness of global delivery. We provide these benefits across all business processes and functions to yield organizations improved efficiency, cost reduction, and quicker ROI.

Urvar Technology provides services in the area of Data Modeling, Data Management, Data Mining, Enterprise Information Portals, Analytic Applications, and building powerful Data Warehouses and Data Marts.

Our services, depicted below, follow a global delivery model and are characterized by deep domain knowledge, leading-edge technology expertise, proven implementation methodology and effective knowledge transfer.

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